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guria wine growing region

Along the Black Sea, Guria has a subtropical climate, the most humid in Georgia. The province has three different municipalities — Ozugergeti to the souther border with Adjara is the closest to the sea, flat with some tiny slopes; Lanchkhuti, to the north, was renowned for its Qvevri masters; Chokhatauri to the east-north-east, is the hilliest, with the steepest slopes. Closer to the Gurian mountains, Chokhatauri is higher, more ventilated, and with good exposition.

The best Gurian wines always came from grapes grown in hilly or mountainous areas on slopes with a sunny exposition. Curiously, though it is cooler due to its proximity to the water, Guria is largely known for red rather than white varieties: Ojaleshi, Chvitiluri, Jani, Skhilatubani, Chkhaveri and Aladasturi are among the highly regarded. The wines tend to be nimble with a light tannic structure and high acidity.